The philosophy of the Department of Biology is to train and encourage scientists in areas of Storage Technology, realising that training of scientists is the bedrock of technological development and national growth. The Programme prepares its graduates for employment in any of the disciplines of biology and related fields.


The objectives of the department are to:

(a) train skilled manpower using model curriculum in Storage Technology with courses in Biology designed in such a way that students shall receive thorough grounding in modern descriptive and experimental biology.

(b) take cognisance of the overall academic objectives of the Federal University of Technology, Akure which is a result and mission-oriented education to meet the technological needs of the country.

(c) ensure the high quality and marketability of our students.

(d) train personnel who will be involved in minimizing post-harvest losses (of food, wood and leather products) in the agricultural sector and post-production loses in the industrial sector of the nation’s economy.

(e) qualify under graduates for rewarding careers in food and beverage industries, breweries, higher education, timber and leather industries, business and commerce.

(f) train undergraduates to establish small scale stored products factories.

(g) train undergraduate to work as consultants in charge of controlling household and stored products pests.

(h) enable students gain knowledge in effective storage of raw and processed food and non-food products through improved pest management strategies.

(i) train undergraduates to supervise and maintain the keeping quality of raw processed products for use in industries.